For Judgement’s Sake

I’m crossing the road after getting off a nduthi motorbike.  It’s four roads.  Ten lanes in total.  And two trenches.  Work.  I’m on the second road when this yellow lorry comes screeching past the speed bumps. Its brakes have failed, I later come to learn.  That doesn’t still mean I wasn’t on the zebra crossing with right of way.  I mean,  any driver is forbidden to drive past a pedestrian-crossing without looking. But its brakes failed.  There isn’t much he could do, the lorry driver.  I mean, It wasn’t his fault.  The lorry just started this morning and decided, at 1327hrs mine brakes shalt fail.eth. I could have decided to stay there coz you know,  I have a right of way in the Traffic Act at any pedestrian crossing, bla bla bla, but really, is that speech/human rights conversation worth giving from a hospital bed somewhere? It is a right, fine, but is it. . . right?

Early Monday I met a friend of mine from highschool.  Haven’t spoken much since clearing but we had a good chat.  Mainly about his tattoo,  but good. [Thank You for allowing me to write about it, btw champ]
This tattoo. *sigh* It is not even art.  The font is something close to Vivaldi. Very catchy.  Positioned smack in the middle of the left breast. (He had on a vest, or I am too observant 😒). I think because of the heart.  I forgot to ask. 
The inscription:
Only God can Judge Me“.

Maybe it’s just me, but that statement just stirs me up. Instills fear even. 😱
Only God. You’re at the mercies of no one else.  You accept that. 
If this was a statement of faith,  it would be quite something. But no, it has become a slogan for something that borders rebellion. 
How you will meet brethren, and once where there was an accountability chat, is now that statement, said under your breath.  Hushedly.
And I get that we have a direct command from The Master himself to judge not, that we might, ourselves, not be judged. [Matt 7:1] I get that,  but as partners in walk and talk of the gospel,  we are not judging when we ask about you! Atleast I know I don’t. We’re searching for fruit.  Because, sometimes, as a result of freewill, us christians hide our fruit so far under skimpy dresses and flirty txts, and loose talk and irregular behaviour, we need someone to ask.  To jolt us to reality. Because the fruit we think we still have, is long decayed.  It feels like we still have it, but we don’t.  So we’re busy throwing around statements like “Only God Can Judge Me”.  If you know Him at all, you understand then that He may be slow to anger and abounding in love [Jonah 4:2], but also, that it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God. [Heb 10:31]

I don’t know about you, but it angers me deeply when I am way out of line with God, and my fellow christians can see it, but say nothing.  What are you waiting for? That I die and burn in hell? Even worse when my closer band of accountability partners/comrade-in-arms (is it comrade or comrades in arms?) say nothing.  I know I might throw around that “unanijudge”  nonsense,  but I really want them to! Not judge me, no.  Rather, search fruit.  Jolt me into action. Snatch me from the fire 🔥. . . I know I will. 

Only God Can Judge Me

,  should be a statement of faith and conviction, not an excuse to live wantonly, and turn away genuine caring brethren. 

It might be your right,  to live within the law,  and dress as you please, say whatever you want, cross the road at your pace, but really is it worth it? Is it right? Paul says, “I have the right to do anything,” you say–but not
everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”-but not everything is constructive.” [1Cor 10:23]

We are fruit searching, that is in our job description when Jude tells us to snatch people from hell’s fury [Jude 1:23] .Not prying to know what they’ve been up to.  Fruit searching, with the intention to salvage,  not get juice for your next mucene tea session with your friends. Fruit searching, so we wring hell dry.

Get busy. ūüôā

ForePlay with a capital P

Yesterday was beautiful. 
Chilly morning. Lots of dew. I remember that much. Looked like a slight drizzle to start the day. I love that kind. 
I’m in the worship team in Church. The privilege of worshipping from the altar will never grow old. I won’t let it.¬†
We praise, and worship. There’s a certain order of service. Everywhere. I’m sure that’s the same where you fellowship too. (Do you btw? Do you fellowship somewhere? Meet with brethren to encourage each other and glorify God? If you don’t , you should. Heb 10:25. You must! )

As we worship, it’s time for intercession. Which is basically praying for our nation, agreeing with someone at the altar concerning a few things. Its beautiful, really.¬†

Yesterday though. 
Stomach clenched, watery eyes. Hands lifted, singing in worship. The leader of service comes to call on the ministry team (just follow me). Usually, I will open my eyes, because, to follow what they are saying. Or whatever. 
Yesterday though…¬†
I want to open my eyes, but God doesn’t get it! HE asks, “Why?”¬†

I’m like, “What?”¬†

“You heard me! Why? Why stop? Is it the wrong thing to keep on? With your hands in the air, tears etc? IS IT? Is it such a terrible thing, you can’t be judged by it? You can’t be seen worshipping a second more than everyone has stopped and moved on to the next item in the service programme? I mean, at a mall, that would be unusual. Or in public transport. But in church? Isn’t it unusual to be in my Presence and able to control yourself? To be with me yet you can turn off at will? Isn’t it like playing tease? You’re willing to have a little fun, but not give yourself fully? Isn’t it wrong? If your wife just called you sweet names and made you awakened to love, yet all the while knowing she could turn off amd walk away without getting intimate, would you love that?¬†

“NO! That is just wrong, Lord! “

” But that is you! The bride of Christ. That is what you do. Come to me, lay yourself before me, begin to spend time, but at your soonest convenience, you open your eyes, and leave me there. Just as I’m about to ravish you. And take over you. Just as I’m about to get intimate and deposit fruit that remains. Just as I am about to show you that I am all that you signed up for, plus so much more, you leave! So why? Why do you want to stop. I want to attend to you. Where are you going? “

I don’t know how much longer I stayed on my knees. I only know it was barely long enough. I must have HIM. My Lord. I must have him.¬†

I don’t know about you. But I’m guilty as charged. I am. Even as a worship leader. Rushing on to the next song. Rushing to beat the set service time. I must be out of the house, else I’ll be late for work. Yet all that I seek is in Him. My Father. My Life. My literal heartbeat. My Lover. My sole(soul) provider. Jehovah. My God.¬†

So here’s to much needed time in and with Him. To looking weird with hands lifted long after everyone has stopped. To tears flowing as HE ministers in a sermon. Here’s to letting Jehovah take over. Here’s to awakening love and staying long enough for intimacy. Here’s to foreplay, for Play. With actual play in mind.¬†
Hurry for who? 
Nel Kabera says, “God is in the business of making Himself known. Intimacy is the name of the game. “

You Have It All

Yesterday I got my life back. You know when you have been too busy, with good things even. Gaining ground, you lose yourself in all that? You lose your head rather. You just go with it. You fuss over the tiniest of things. 

I read a book early this year “A Hunger for God” by John Piper (great read btw. It will disorganise you) and in there it says, “Beware of loving loving God, than loving God”. 
Like, Take care that you don’t fall for the feeling and joy you get being with God that you now love it more than you love The Father himself. 

I’ll let that sink. *sips tea*

The way we’ve been wired, us humans love the good stuff. If we don’t get it, we complain, and we keep wanting more. Bigger, better, shinier. So much so, we forget what we already have. Without strings attached. And that is the real blessing really. 
Life. Family. Health. God. 
Just without anything else. 

I’m driving down that steepish descent from from roasters before you get to Alsops on the superhighway. I’m with Ndush(my dose of Ukambani) :’D. We slow down. There’s this huge Fortuner 2010, the British Army ones. Trapped right under it is a boda boda (Hongya? I didn’t see the make). It’s fresh, this accident. The rider’s head is swollen already. Helmet pieces strewn all over the tarmac. There’s rivers of blood gushing out from the back. He’s trying to move, in evident pain. 
His passenger, a woman, lay there unconscious. Oblivious of all the attention around her. 
God bless the blue Subaru owner and his friend in pyjamas for stopping to rush her to hospital. 
Ndush and I make a quick prayer for them and head on out. 
A couple of hours later, I’m alone, headed home. Around 7pm. There’s this section of Kamiti Road, right before the turn to that Jacaranda slip road, that connects to the Northern bypass. It looks like they used dough to mould it. Its horrible. Who is the mp again? I’d rather murram, any day. I digress. 
I branch off hapo Jacaranda, and my tail is not even off the road, this loud crash tears the quiet. My rear view mirror shows it all. Red fielder, dragged off the road by this Nazigi Rt44. I’m not sure whether anyone is hurt. That slip road is too tiny for anything. 
The rest of the journey I can’t help but think, It could easily have been me! 

📷 H Nazli Yilmaz

While I’m so busy asking God for shinier things, I forget to appreciate the basic, solid blessing I have, there’s someone who would easily trade places with me. I mean. I may not have it all. . . Or do I? 
1 John 4:4 [AMP] “… because He Who lives in you is greater (mightier) than he who is in the world.” 
Don’t I have it all? I mean, my solids are solid, my foundations are concrete, my future is bullet proof, my heritage secure (Psalm 16:6).
Do not be so addicted to the shinier, you forget the basic. The gift, you forget the Giver . 
The presents will never satisfy like the Presence will. 
Let thankfulness abound. [Phill 4:6] 
You have it all. \o/

Sit Pretty

Often I’ve said how much I love my mornings to myself. That boot period when I just let my thoughts cuddle with God. 
Today my phone buzzed away quite early. Before that moment. I wasn’t going to pick, but it was Kioko calling. Kioko is my spiritual father, from my highschool days. So I picked. I always do. 

No pleasantries. 

“God is well on time bro. He is WELL on time! ” 

📷 Gabriella Corrado – Waiting

It was fiery, that phonecall. I haven’t been able to go back to sleep after that. I’m full in my spirit. . . I’m buzzing with activity within already. 
So I shuffle on over to John 11. My boy Lazarus. He caught a fever the night before. It got worse. They rushed him to that clinic nearby. . . They’d just ran out of mwarubaine. They hail a donkey. Go on over to Bethany Level 5. The doctor is away. A high level meeting of experts in Jerusalem. They send word to Jesus. He is on his way. NOT running, but He is. Lazarus dies. They’re bitter. The mourners at the wake are full of conspiracy theories as they dip their unleavened bread in their milk. “If Jesus was such a good friend, why hasn’t he shown?” “Fake friends!” Another quips! The sisters are torn. The funeral is brief. Gone too soon all over the scroll-like eulogies. A few tears. Lazarus was a nice man. A few happy souls. Now they can go to ask for Martha’s hand in marriage without a brother’s nag(we do that). His cousin can get his nice robes, you know, for synagogue services. His friends don’t need to pay off the bad debts. 

Bitter sweet moments. The villagers still gather at their bungalow every day. Mourners. Someone hallas, Jesus is In Town! Martha is out to meet Him, but doesn’t quite connect with Him [v23-24] . He asks for Mary. She breaks at His feet. The Master is deeply disturbed. To be honest, a little angered in His Spirit. He weeps. The smug talkers from the funeral are here too. “Crocodile tears! He can do all things, He couldn’t keep His boy from dying? Pffft!”. 
Jesus is there, ready to do good. He commands for the stone to be rolled away. . . Not for Him, no. For Lazarus. I mean, our boy hasn’t had a meal in 4days, he’ll have trouble trying to roll it away! Martha is out here , still missing the point! [v39] oh Martha! : ( 
Lazarus Come Out! Here is what happens in the background. Even insects that had had a juicy piece of Lazarus involuntarily took it back. Everything that was Lazarus had to walk out of that tomb. And walk out it did. 

That was 4 days late(r). Look, God is well on time. Deadlines are to keep us in order, not to hasten his steps. So what if they pass, or it dies? Or you’re getting older, or you miss out? No really, so what! It’s always deadline plus 4.. . Or set date plus 4. Or more. He’s always on time. Even when it was child bearing age plus 60(years) for our girl Sarah. 

[John 11:14-15 MSG] 
Then Jesus became explicit: “Lazarus died. And I am glad for your sakes that I wasn’t there. You’re about to be given new grounds for believing. Now let’s go to him.” 

Will you just wait patiently on your new grounds? He’s on His way, not running. He’s just on His way. And when He arrives, you won’t miss it. Sit pretty! What’s all the rush!?

When Things Get Real

Lately I’ve been writing more than I usually do. Only, it’s on paper. I need technology to convert that into soft copy. . . No. Don’t tell me about scanning. I’m sure we are beyond that. Techies, anything for me? No? ūüė¶

Yesterday evening, around half past nine, I’m having supper. Mum is in the next room having a conversation with someone over the phone. I’m zombie mode. Too beat to split my energy between more than two senses. I taste and I see, albeit with squinted eyes. I’m a drowsy mess, but a man MUST feed. Hehe. That conversation is largely inaudible. However, in between there she says something, that wakes me a tiny bit. She quotes Jesus in Matthew 7:23.

I’m up, at 5.30am. Lying in bed. No background music. An occasional cock’s crow
, but silence mostly. These words just won’t leave. I wonder whether the person on the other end of that conversation is also up, thinking. Whether these words meant to them as much as they do to me. *sigh*

“Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father Who is in heaven.
Many will say to Me on that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name and driven out demons in Your name and done many mighty
works in Your name?

And then I will say to them openly (publicly), I never knew you; depart from Me, you who act wickedly [disregarding My commands]”
[Matt 7:21 – 23,AMP]

📷 Vijaygabrial

I think about my works. My ministry, and everything that has my purpose woven into it. I think especially long about everything I do in the name of Jesus, which really for me is everything. To live, and move, even have my being. [Acts 17:28] 

I think about the days when I’m down and weary. Worn out by systems and structures. And people and things. Days when only God can satisfy. Those days that my favorite meal just won’t do. Or my friends or family. Days that I just want my room and The Master. How I can ran to Him when systems fail. When things don’t work out, but especially also, when they very well do. To share my joys and gains, hurts and losses. I can always run to this place. 

But now, there’s those He says He will send away from Him, because despite preaching the gospel and leading worship, winning souls and giving alms, paying tithes and supporting ministry, despite church every Sunday and dressing non-provocatively, sending clean non-flirty texts and saying ‘Bwana Asifiwe’, despite all that, they don’t do the will of the father, they disregard His commands. 

I think about these commands. Simple, not-so-simple things. 
Love your neighbour, obey your parents, honour your father and mother, do not let the sun go down while you’re angry, vengeance is mine, says God, just to mention a few. 

It shakes me to the core that after such powerful acts, it is still possible to disregard God’s commands. That He could say to me ‘Depart From Me!’ 

Where do you go when God says that to you? My mind stubbornly replies, ‘To God’. 
Coz I’m wired that way. But that’s not it. When the final day is here, and things get real, that answer will not suffice. 

The challenge therefore, is to be in the half that says, ‘Lord, Lord’ and gets to hear those sweet words. 
“Well Done! Good and Faithful Servant”

Challenge Accepted.

To Know The Thief

 got up at 5.40am. 
1. Because my alarm went off and 2. because of this nasty onion after-taste in my mouth. Passed by some joint for nyama with my peoples and the kachumbari was raw onions. That after-taste just won’t let me! Remedies? Anyone?¬†
Oh , yes. Shout out to Kamau wa nyama, Njenga and Steve of Tiffany’s-Kamakis. (I am dying with laughter here).¬†
Not the point. :”D¬†


Tuesday this week. I’m going past githurai 45 and near the underpass, this man throws himself across the road right infront of me! I say mean things under my breath, and after he goes his way, I proceed. Slow traffic.¬†
A minute later, I see him, leaning against a matatu. And suddenly it all comes back to me! I’m already sweaty. Not angry, but already deeply irritated.¬†

2012, in Feb or thereabout I was standing at the githurai stage. Juja-bound. These three guys surround me , and take all my money, one is holding a rusty knife to my stomach. I empty out the wallet. He says he doesn’t want my phone, but the money. I give it. Everything! They ran off.¬†
A split second later , he comes back, the knife bearer. Hands me a hundred bob, saying, ‘Shika fare’ and runs off again. Its only 7pm!¬†
I’m shaken, and take the first matatu I see. Long story short, It was him!


📷 Angelbattle bros

3years later , I could not forget a face! He was the reckless pedestrian, he was the idler at the matatu. He was the thief with the rusty knife from 2012!
I proceed to my biashara for the day. Shelf that story for later. 

Today I’m up , thinking about it! I know my thief! I KNOW him!¬†
It is weird but it gives me a certain peace and joy. A weird kind of rest and confidence to know, that I know him. 
I may not need to confront him, but gosh I know him. 
I know his hang out joint. His walking style. I know his average look. Something between shaggy and neat. Shageat? No? Ok. 
But I know my thief, and that disarms them! 

“The thief comes only in order¬†
to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come in order that you might have life‚ÄĒlife in all its fullness.” [John 10:10 GNT]

In school they said another way of defining something is through its characteristics. 
In other words ‘if it walks like a duck,quacks like a duck, It is a duck!’¬†
So, if it steals your pride and joy, if it kills your spirit every morning and puts out your dreams and ambitions every evening. If it destroys your shot at life every so often. 
That , is the thief. 
Whatever it be! Could be that job, or that new relationship. It could be that old non-progressive friendship. Anyone that steals, kills and destroys your life, or fullness of it. That! That is your thief. 
The best part is, if you know your thief, they CANNOT steal from you! You can call them out! You can send them away. You have the fight/flight advantage. 
If he/she/it steals,kills and destroys your physical, academic, spiritual, emotional. . .you name it, You know your thief! 
Oh Joy! You know your thief! \o/

God. All of God

I think the last time my birthday fell on a Saturday I was in highschool. Finalist. Looking forward to the big exam. There wasn’t much fanfare.¬†
White uji and canteen doughnuts for breakfast. Rice with beans and beef for lunch. Githeri with rice and cabbage dripping with cooking oil for supper. . .the works. 
Still did preps. Still didn’t do my laundry. I had a few form ones on decent payroll(bread and/or special diet), to pick, wash, hang, watch and collect my laundry from the lines. Oh how I loathe doing laundry!¬†
It was easy. Laid back. Without noise. Just how I like it. 
That hasn’t changed, over the years.¬†
I mean, the menu has. . .but not much past that. 
I had turned 17 then. *sigh* To be young again! 

Fast forward. 31st Jan 2015. 
I’m in the living room, alone. Everyone went to sleep. I’m beyond myself. This excitement that comes over you only on 31Dec ? You know it? The one that makes you scream happy, new year things to strangers? The one that makes you think about family and friends with warmth in your chest? The one that makes you forgive all your debtors in that moment of weakness? (Yes, Mwaura.) That one. That convinces you it’s fresh new clean slates. I’m sure you hear me.¬†
I’m up till way past 2am. I worship, and pray while there. I catch a movie soon after. I eat in between there somewhere. . .severally.¬†
I love it! It’s easy, and laidback. Without noise.¬†

Happy 23rd. To me. . .and to one Ondieki! Here’s to all of God! ūüôā¬†


That’s where I’ve been at these past few weeks. Have you wanted something so bad? I mean, like you have it, but you just want more.¬†
Like you’re breathing just fine, but you want more air, so bad!¬†
That’s what!¬†

‘A white-tailed deer drinks from the creek;¬†
I want to drink God, deep draughts of God.’¬†
[Psalm 42:1 MSG] 

Just to take Him in. Large scoops, big spoon. Can’t have enough. *sigh* That has been my prayer this year! God. All of God.¬†

It occurs to me, that everything else just revolves around that. Around God. In Him is everything. Therefore, to have Him, say it with me, Is To Have Everything!!! ūüėĬ†

Yesterday, I’m on my way to town. A few errands. I’m in a Ruiru ndani bus :”D . As she alights at Safari Park, this woman comes from the back, and stands where I’m seated, waiting for the vehicle to stop. I was on my phone, with Kanjii’s ‘Yuko nami’ tearing into my soul, from my earphones. But I stop immediately, to see her face. She’s a bit plus size, so that aisle is not enough for her to go through without a commotion. I mean, I too find it hard at times, sembuse. . . hehe. You get my point.¬†
She’s pushing against my shoulder, and she doesn’t even care. But she has on this scent! I could sniff it out from a crowd at St.Paul’s square in the vatican. . .or Marikiti at 5 am.¬†
Coco Mademoiselle Chanel. I love it for women! It doesn’t struggle to be. It just is.¬†
She alights and goes her way. 
Moments later, I’m walking in town, and I still can smell it! For half of the day, I smell like her. I don’t frown upon that, ofcourse, but it gets me thinking.¬†

Didn’t she stand next to me for just a split second. . .or slightly more, yet her scent was on me for the better part of the day?! And instantly reminded me of something I read earlier on.¬†

‘Everywhere we go, people¬†
breathe in the exquisite 
fragrance. Because of Christ, we give off a sweet scent rising to God, which is recognized by those on the way of salvation-an aroma redolent with life.’¬†
[2Cor 2:14-15 MSG] 

And I love it! Everywhere we go, people breath in the exquisite fragrance that is God. We’ve put Him on. Full Armor of God Tingz! Because of Christ, this aroma that is just heavy and dripping with life!¬†
Not gusto from a hypodermic needle, or zest from a bottle! No. LIFE! REAL LIFE! 

It also occurs to me that, if it was possible for miss madam to leave me with her scent after just a few seconds, it is possible to have the fragrance of God, but not from putting Him on. No. From rubbing shoulders with those who have. 

But I don’t want that! I want more! Secondary aroma JUST WON’T DO!¬†
If I’m going to have a fragrance, an aroma, oh you best believe, I got it straight from the source!¬†
I put it on me! I didn’t borrow it. I didn’t get it from hanging with a friend. No! Yaani, I got that for me, and put it on! *sigh*¬†

At 23, I want to drink God. Deep draughts of God. I want All of God, that the fragrance I give off, is not secondary. . .watered down by dealers in town. . .false prophets and irregular doctrine. Not diluted by coolness and swag. . .whatever those mean. 
I want the real deal . Right from the source! From God’s word, and His very own presence.¬†

I know it calls for a change in many ways, but I’ve never been more willing, to be obedient.

Stay There

Our house is so adult! Ok. My mum’s house. I’m the last born, that should tell you. My kid cuz, is 16. Also, grown. It hadn’t hit me until not so long ago when my 6year old niece came to stay over for the holidays.¬†
It’s breakfast. We make tea, but at the table, we realise, she can’t use a mug! The search for a plastic cup in that house is crazy! Moments later, I give up! I’m almost going to the supermarket for a plastic cup at 9am! Smh.


She’s amazing, this kid. So bubbly and innocent. Her whole life ahead of her. First boyfriend maybe just waiting to join upper primary. [That’s Std 5?] Her idea of crazy fun is candy and a ride in the car for a few minutes. Not too long. They get bored easily. Such great success waiting for her! Yaani, she’s literally clean slate! *sigh* To be young again!¬†

I’ve noticed she keeps a trend! She’s home during the day mostly. Sometimes I’m around, but that’s the few times. You won’t know she’s around. She doesn’t nag! [I pray this never changes.] Playing outside, then inside then eating and the cycle continues.¬†
The second mum walks in, she’s oooon! It’s like she was waiting for her! Like us guys [kidcuz and me] aren’t enough! We don’t cut her royal standards to be engaged in any meaningful conversation.¬†
She recounts her day’s activities, one after the other. In no hurry whatsoever.¬†
If there was any good, she will dwell on it. If there was any bad! Ow you guessed right! 

So she goes like, 
‘Shooosh, leo nilikunywa chai [4pm] halafu nikaona cartoon. . .Mwashy akachukua remote akaweka nyimbo zingine apo sikuzipenda,ndio nikatoka nje. Na ata sikuwa na sweater. Ni Mwashy alifanya nipigwe na baridi. . .’ bla bla bla.¬†

I’m here like o.O! ati wimbo zingine apo!? Look what the local gospel industry has become! Ata mtoto hajui kama ni gospel ama ni za shindwe!¬†
Lol, I digress. 

It became a trend. Leo ni music, kesho would be a ‘spoilt’ banana, the other day is crooked chapati for lunch! ‘Alinipea chapati yenye haikuwa circle!’¬†
Liiike!!!! You get my point. 

But I’ve been with kids before! At this stage, that’s what they do! Tell, teLl, tEll, TELL!¬†
At first it used to make me wonder! Now I’m ok. I do my things with caution, but not with fear. I realise, mum has been a mother most of her life, she probably knows this phase of growth. She’ll take the info. with a pinch of salt.¬†

Recently, it reminded me of the story of Job! 

‘Now there was a day when¬†
the sons (the angels) of God 
came to present themselves 
before the Lord, and Satan (the adversary and accuser) also came among them.’¬†
[Job 1:6, AMP] 

How the devil will just shamelessly crash heaven’s get-together. Smh.¬†
So there he is. It’s his job to accuse. Only, not with the intention of bringing God up to speed! No!¬†
He’s spoiling for you! His intention is to have you! It’s his life’s mission.¬†
The MSG actually calls him, ‘Designated Accuser.’¬†
1Peter 5:8 speaks of our enemy the devil being up and about, roaring like a lion. Looking for someone to devour. And the instruction therein is, ‘BE ALERT AND OF SOBER MIND!’ [NIV]¬†

Not afraid, just alert! Not dismayed, just of sober mind! Not condemned and in fear! Nuh uh! Just Aware! 

See God knows what the enemy does! Like mum[the illustration], He’s been God ever since! So He knows! The tactics, and strategies, and gameplans of the Accuser! When he throws you into a fix with an accusation the size of a small country! When he says the reason you’re jobless is coz you danced to the tune of his music years ago! When he says the reason you’re childless is because of the abortions before Christ! When he says you’re the reason your family is held together by. . .nothing. When he accuses, so he can have you, GOD KNOWS! He’s been there all along! So whatever the enemy bring’s to heaven’s get-together is Old News.¬†
BeWare! Only, not afraid! Take caution. But don’t fear.¬†
There’s nothing that the enemy can say, that can put you behind bars. The cross, was God’s way of tearing up your warrant of arrest!¬†

‘There is No condemnation for them that are IN Christ Jesus’ [Rom 8:1]¬†

Only, Stay There! If you fasted a week and prayed for two! Make it a lifestyle! Bro, if the only way you could get your destiny from the thighs of a woman was by dwelling in the Secret Place, Stay There! If the only place guys won’t find you and misuse you is at God’s altar, Stay there! Whatever it took you to get your freedom, stay there! In Christ Jesus! At The Cross.¬†

Stay There!

Pay Up

So, I’m chilling somewhere waiting for 12.30pm. Most services in K.U are paralysed coz Ruto is visiting.*rolls eyes*¬†

Ofcourse I’m pissed! just 1 item is all I need. Like a 2min -long service!¬†

This kid (1st year) is late for an exam, in the very distant AZ39. He doesn’t know where its at. So he’s asking everyone around the parking lot area.¬†
3people later, he gives up and is heading sijui wapi huko. 
I watched everything from my chill spot. I wanted to just go back to my important day’s schedule (2hr chilling) but I call him over.¬†

‘AZ ama SZ?’ I ask.¬†
‘AZ’ he says. ‘Unajua iko wapi?’¬†
‘Unajua shopping centre?’ I go on.¬†
The look on his face is priceless. That’s the opposite end of school!¬†
I give him the details, of what left, and right turn to take. I’m just a pencil shy of drawing out a map.¬†
He runs off immediately, after repeating half what I told him. . .shrieking an excited ‘Asante Boss’ from a distance!¬†

Immediately, I feel warm. Happy even. That I’ve been of service to a fellow human, today!¬†
I think, even better if he belongs to the body of Christ! ^.^ 

I forget how frustrated I was just moments ago, waiting 2hours for a 2-minute ‘nil’ stamp!¬†

I start to think, Maybe he prayed this morning, that God may put in his way divine helpers. I know I did! 
Maybe God stalled my day a whole 2hours so I can help that kid 2minutes! Maybe, just maybe I’m being too spiritual? But who cares!¬†

[Isaiah 43:4 NLT] 
Others were given in exchange for you. I traded their lives(and busy schedules) for yours because you are precious to me. You 
are honored, and I love you. 
-Emphasis,mine. –¬†

I have had people go out of their way to help me before. I’ve had people PUT OUT OF THEIR WAY to help me before. Because God loves me.¬†

Now, I am not the only person God loves. So It is only reasonably fair that I, from time to time, also be put out of my way to help others. 
You too. 
It is not the gospel we like to hear, but it is gospel anyway! 

The next time you are stalled, or detoured, think Isa 43:4! Others lives were given for you, this could be your turn to give. 
So pay up!


📷 : Peddhapati

Execute your role. Work for a brother. Return the favour. The Master doesn’t ask for your permission anyway, so enjoy it.¬†

Maturity is not to know that Every Disappointment is an Appointment with God, it is knowing that the Appointment NEED NOT be yours.

Because God

I was looking at Jeremiah 29:11 not so long ago, and of all versions it exists in, I’ve fallen in love with NKJV.¬†

“For I know the thoughts¬†
that I think toward you, says 
the LORD , thoughts of peace 
and not of evil, to give you a 
future and a hope.”¬†

It separates future and hope. I like to think they’ve been arranged in chronological order. You get to future first, AND THEN to hope.¬†
Future is everything after the ‘now’ .¬†
Hope however: 
1. an expectation of positive 
2. to expect with confidence 
The Bible definition of hope, is Christ Jesus. [Col 1:27] 
Not His death. No. That’s something else. His resurrection. Because He lives! That is what hope is! Because God.¬†

On a hospital bed and the doctor’s report slaps an expiry date on your life. That that doesn’t faze you, Because God.¬†

Oh, your grades are dipping despite the fact that you’ve given it everything humanly possible?(that happens btw) You’re not worried. Because God.¬†

There’s a deadline to beat, and you’re way out of your depth. That spouse seems to be like the end of you. Your family has burnt all bridges, and the only thing binding you together is the common blood in your veins. Your spiritual walk has been compromised one too many times.¬†

See the thing about hope is YOU CAN’T GIVE UP! No Sir! How can you?¬†
When you know the plans HE has for you give you a tomorrow [future] and after you’re there, tomorrow’s tomorrow?![hope]¬†
When you know that to be down IS NOT to be out. To be pressed hard on every side (like I am in a Rt 237 matatu) does not mean I am crushed, or my bones broken! 
When you know that to sleep hungry today, does not mean food will never come! 
When you know that It is God who CAUSES you to hunger just so that He can feed you with His own [Deut 8:3] 
Only to mean therefore, the only reason why there is ‘down’, is so that there may be ‘up’. If you hang on just a bit longer, it’ll come around.¬†

You dare not. 
Not when Christ has spoken, and you know power belongs to Him. Nuh uh! Not when you know that His promises are without disappointment. 
That though it may tarry! It shall surely come to pass [Hab 2:3] 
You dare not. 

Regardless of how ugly it may look. Or tiring. How spent you are. Summon up every last ounce of strength to hold on, and wait on. If you die, then die holding on, and waiting on. Because what good is the alternative really? 

This December. I’m holding on. I may not have seen it all. God’s promise for 2014. . .but it’s not over, UNTIL God says so. Even after the 31st. You dare not shrink back. [Heb 10:38]¬†
I dare not. 

Because Christ in Me The Hope of Glory! 
Because God.