In The Wait

Have you waited for someone? Like a proper wait.  The kind of wait that leaves you at a place.  Like outside Teleposta Towers in Nairobi. Next to that red, all-caps ‘NO IDLING’  sign. Have you? I have.  My sister has too I’m sure. *sigh* Mom! 😂 Even worse better is waiting for someone who called you a half hour ago to inform you that their phone is just about to give up its ghost 👻,so you wait for them hapo kwa statue ya Dedan Kimathi near Hilton. I doubt there’s a more awkward place to wait in the CBD. But you wait anyway even if it takes an hour. You wait, whether it’s because you cannot leave, or will not leave.  You wait because no matter how long they make you wait, you know they always come around. And it’s always worth the wait.  You wait because there is no alternative, or the alternative is no good really.  Have you waited like that? You’re so on the look out.  Your eye darting in every direction, because you want to be the 1st to spot them. You want to catch that break that comes with knowing your waiting is over.  There’s some lowkey excitement there. 
This morning I found Isa 64:4 and it just bleeeew me away. 
For since the world began, no ear has heard, and no eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for him! [NLT]

And quickly my mind rushed to label Him, Jehovah Worth-The-Wait. If you’ve waited for God in the past and caught your break, you know what I mean. 

Yesterday, I went to the Peruvian consulate. My autopredict gave me ‘weave’ right after Peruvian. 😭 I was accompanying a friend.  It’s so hidden.  You could easily drive past it.  You can’t really see buildings past the gate.  Loads of trees.  I loved it.  He went in to the offices, while I waited outside.  What was supposed to be a drop-n-go transaction, turned into a meeting.  I was pressed,  therefore getting impatient.  I asked for the restrooms. 

“Long or short call? ” the guard asks.

” uuuuuhm… Short. However that is your business. O.o (I also had pilau, greens and a tiny slice of ugali left over from lunch for dinner last night.  Anything else? Mkubwa? )  😒

” Ah.  Wewe ni mwanaume. Hiyo utasimama tu kwa matawi hapa” he says pointing in no particular direction. 

” eeeeer. . . ” bewildered.

” sisi ndio sheria hapa.  Nimekuruhusu” as he walks away. 

I don’t mind peeing in the bushes really.  I don’t.  In the middle of nowhere.  In the night.  With no toilets anywhere near and a few litres in my bladder. 
But this one here took me a minute to process. Or a few more, because he came back to inquire, 

“Umemanage? ”

I mean! 😱😮.

Anyhu,  as I wait, I’m stressing about my spoilt phone camera to Mukiri, my boy over at Tecno. . . There’s this beautiful peacock. 1st I’ve seen all my life.  Right in front of me.  The beauty is something else.  I want to take a good pic.  It’s right there,  doing the mating dance for his woman who is near.  There’s not two things that I can compare to such beauty. Yet, I fuss. Over my phone camera. Why? To share it on Instagram. Duuuh! To forward it to my groups on whatsapp.  Hardly anything for myself. 

Just then something pops into my head.  “Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.” [Psalms 46:10 MSG]


📷 Muita Mathenge

Other versions say, be still and know, that I am God.  But I loooove this here rendition. Forget everything, and drink of God.  His beauty and splendor. His works and majesty. Be awestruck.  Refuse to get used to it. Learn a lesson, or two. Just. Take. Him. In. 

So I sit there and watch. And drink of God’s works in this beautiful creature. That majestic mating dance, all three times. I don’t want it to end. I ignore a few urgent texts too.  *sigh*

Often we don’t know what to do while waiting. Whether it is for someone. Or God. Apart from complain ofcourse.  Ow, we are pros at that. We will rant and fuss and flip tables et cetera et cetera.
Here’s something to do next time, just take in God’s flawless system here on earth.  Let it burn a place in your memory.  Let it cause you to count your blessings.  Let it make you anticipate the next lemon life might hand you , because you can’t wait to add God’s sweet love to it and make the best lemonade yet. Let it fatten your wait for the break. Let it get your praise on. Let it stir your faith. Deliberately. Let it whet your appetite for His arrival. Just, Let it!