Make Him Known

I had reverserd her car out of the parking area.  About 8.30am. There were workers around the compound.  Someone for the landscaping. Someone for the chicken shelter. Two for a small paintjob.  Just a little tidying up for the holidays.  Which coincides with her anniversary since she moved here.  She always does something for the anniversary. It was four years today. 

“Ebu tushukuru” (let’s give thanks) She says once we’re all settled in the vehicle.
I was adjusting the rear-view mirror so I saw the reaction of the painter seated in the back there. Not surprise really.  But something in that neighbourhood.  Almost admiration. I’m not sure, but I could say he was impressed too. 

A trip to Juja later, I realise he’s born again.  A believer. A student of revival no less.  A servant minister.  This, of course, from the conversation he had with mum throughout. 
At the end of the journey as he disembarks to start his work for the day, he says to me, 

Usiwahi badilika kwa sababu yao. Si wewe ndio uko na Mkubwa? ”

I didn’t think much about it as I drove off to other errands. But yesterday I did.  That statement. Placing it into context, Mkubwa here, is Jesus.  He kept referring to Him as such.  And I loved it.  I mean, The Boss! Master! Kusema!
Something about that just makes me tremble with excitement! My boss – The Boss!  😎

I think about the Genesis of this conversation with Njugush (The painter). Tracing all the way back to the morning prayer in the car, by mum.  We always do that.  Since as long as I can remember.  Pray in the car, for the jouneys ahead.  Whether long or short distance. But there was a mgeni (guest) this time round.  I don’t know about you,  but if it were just me and him, I’d have made that prayer internally. As we go. You know those silent prayers? That you make so your friends or people around you don’t feel uncomfortable?Or atleast thats the excuse we make up. Those ones that don’t make you appear too “shpiri”? (spiritual)
I’m sure you know them. 
Yes.  Those ones that really cannot cast out a demon. But noooo. Mum wasn’t about to let someone she’s just met make her change her routine. . . In her own homeground no less! And that was how the conversation started. Because Jesus was made known! 🙌
It quickened in me this portion of scripture – turbo. 


📷 Night Sky - Maurizio Fanton

” Little children, you are of God [you belong to Him] and have [already] defeated and overcome them [the agents of the antichrist], because He Who lives in you is greater (mightier) than he who is in the world.” 1John 4:4[Amp]

You have overcome them (the unbelievers, and doubters, and nay sayers) BECAUSE He who dwells in you, Jesus, is greater, mightier, than he who is in the world.  In you dwells The Game Changer!

It occurred to me that we travel a lot this Christmas Season.  To different parts of the globe too.  Our sphere of influence just increases. You cannot afford to change your routine because of people.  Someone might just see you pray for your meal and desire God! Someone else might hear you say “Bwana Yesu Asifiwe”  on a phone call and deeply long for Jesus.  Another might hear you doing your devotion in the morning, or see you studying your scriptures et cetera and just deeply require an encounter with the Father.  Because through you, they see it is possible.  This relationship with God.  So speak in other tongues. Keep off coarse talk. Stay clean. Give thanks for your meals. Commit your travels to God. Be a believer through and through.  Do not change a thing.  I mean The Boss is in you! You are like a power house.  Issues of life should flow through you! There must be a difference! You cannot blend in! Because that would mean the engines are not running.  The blades not turning. Resulting in darkness. And what good is darkness really?

Preach the gospel using your life/actions. Only if you must, or your asked, should you use your words.
Make that bold statement.  Hapa Yesu Tu!

Happy Holidays! 🙂