Foolproof Footwear

Today I woke up with fond memories of my campus life.  The lectures especially.  I miss them.  Just today. Only today. 😁 You never knew what to expect.  There was Environmental Psychology (was it?), by Dr. N. Muthiani.  Something about wanton living and Imelda Marcos. Former First lady of The Philippines that is known, of all things, for her extravagant shoe collection. Travelling the world to buy designer shoes at a time when Filipinos were in poverty.
Google her. It’s interesting really. 
Anyhu, that was in my 2nd year of Campus.  I had quite a collection of shoes that I’d never worn myself. So I stopped buying shoes. 😂
I lie.  But I did step down that number by alot. 

Shoes though! That’s a tricky subject.  Not many people get it right.  I mean, there’s very few people whose taste in shoes I’d applaud. Have you met someone so tastefully dressed but whose shoes just make you want to weep? Have you? This lady who is always dressed to kill bless, but only up to her ankles? Shoes so bad they make you want to become a cobbler? And it doesn’t matter btw! It could be the most expensive pair in the world, but it looks like worn tyres🙈. There are shoes that go for $3M.  Some red ruby slippers.  That don’t even look like a tithe of that amount.  😕
Footwear is tricky, guys. 
Little wonder then,  that the Master would take all of 60 precious seconds to guide us on the choice of footwear that He’d love to see us wear.  The family of believers.  Household of Faith. Bride of Christ. You see how schools like Limuru Girls will require that all their girls wear brown leather shoes?


📷 Gonzalo Díaz Fornero - Snow

Something like that. 

For Shoes, put on the readiness to preach the Good News of peace with God (so that you will be fully prepared, to face the enemy with firm-rooted stability, promptness and readiness) ” [Eph 6:15,NLT emphasis, Mine]

Would you look at that! 🙌
Footwear is important. It says where you’re going.  Or coming from. Even where you belong. I mean, if you saw a KDF soldier in all the splendor of their army fatigue, and Bata patapata! That would be something. Something sad. 

Or how waitresses hardly serve you at a busy restaurant in 6 inch heels.

Or how surgeons do not go into theatre with the beautiful beaded maasai sandals they got last Christmas!

As Christ carefully laid out the outfit for His bride (See previous Bridezilla post), He picked out her shoes too.  Something fitting all occasions. Something you can wear at a wedding, and dash to a funeral in too.  Something you can take to a nuclear war, and rush back home for dinner in too. Something you can drive a battle tanker in and on arrival at base,  hop into your Vitz and speed off into the sunset in.  Something you can take to your bosses office, and soon after take to your kids school, after a long day. 
All purpose shoes.  All weather shoes .  All season shoes. Good for all spiritual terrain.  Shoes you can walk in on earth, and pull up at Heaven’s pearly gates in, without a shadow of doubt. 

Shoes that have stood the test of time. Foolproof footwear. Simple. Faultless. Fit for you and me.  The bride and the groom. In your ride and your room. Shoes sure to win a race, populate heaven, revive a soul, uplift a drooping head, inspire change, set things right, build up nations, fill hearts with joy, put an end to social vices, renew leases on life. Shoes sure to bring healing to broken flesh, bring back life into failing lungs.

Shoes you cannot afford to leave home. Ever! Shoes set to Make Jesus Known. His crazy love for humanity. His suffering and death. His conquering might. His triumphant resurrection. His eternal reign. His shiftless sitting-on The Throne.
Shoes branded, The Good News! 🙌

Over The Counter

Do you know a household brand? Or name.  A household name.  Do you?

Ow yes.  We’re back!  It’s been a month.  Of learning and perfecting the skill. But we’re back! Thank you for holding. 😄

Where were we? Oh yes.  Household name.  Like kiwi.  The shoe polish.  You’ll hear “Nunua ile kiwi ya Lude” (is lude still in production though? I remember its acrid smell. Oi! 😵) ama you’ll be sent to buy omo ya blue (to mean toss. The blue one that we all used at St. Matthews mixed boarding primary school). That in simple language is a household name.  How I will say bring me soda, and you’ll get me something from the Coca-Cola company.  Forget that akina mirinda et al are still outchea. (always wanted to say that 😁)
Household name. What you’d ask for over the counter, and are not afraid. Because its the most honourable thing to ask for. It’s what you know.  It might not be the cheapest option, but it’s the best. It’s been recommended a million times, and everyone uses it.  Either because it’s perfect, or even though it may be flawed, and sometimes annoying, it is the best option for you.  And you know it.  Like asking someone whether they have “Mpesa ya airtel”. That kind of thing. 

Imagine my excitement when I found God’s name being described as such. 

” GOD, brilliant Lord, yours is a household name.” [Psalm 8:1 MSG]

I was actually at a kesha when I checked this rendition.  Ofcourse I had to know what the KJV says, among others. 

” O LORD, our Lord, How excellent [is] Your name in all the earth, Who have set Your glory above the heavens!” [NKJV]


📷 Alex Hu - Sunrise

“… O Lord our Lord, how admirable is thy name in the whole earth! For thy magnificence is elevated above the heavens.” [Douay-Rheims]

For the MSG paraphrase to settle on ‘household name’, they considered the book meaning, 
person or thing that is well known by the public “
And figured, who better than God?!

The ancestors encountered Him. Physically even. They wrestled with Him.  Conversed with Him, asking Him to show them His Glory. They argued cases for humanity with Him.  They basked in the heat of fiery furnaces with Him, and came out unscorched.  Not even with the smell of fire on them.  They chilled in the lions’ lounge with Him and walked out unscathed. They won battles against giants alongside Him.  They came close to death but never did taste it, with Him. They prayed the sun still, to Him,  one whole day it did not set. They lost everything they ever had.  Got sick and were in pain, but never once did they doubt His restoring power.  They stayed in bellies of big fish,  and never once ran out of faith in His power to not only hear prayer, but also act on it. They commanded death out of water, and reclaimed lost property, with Him. They gave women their children back .  They raised the dead in His name. Through active fellowship with Him, they cast out devils. These our ancestors. They walked tall.  Because of Him.  They endured suffering and shame, and never once contemplated walking out on Him.  Because they knew Him that they had believed. And were persuaded that He is able. Well able.  They walked in Him,  and their shadows left healing in their wake. They we’re broken out of prison! And beheld iron gates open of their own accord. Automation even in that age, because of Him.  That, and so much more.  They went ahead, and under the inspiration of His Spirit, they put it down. In a powerful, awe-inspiring book. Redolent with the aroma of life. For anytime reference. Lest we forget.  As we so often do. To be passed on to posterity. All the while, God’s plan holding up.  A perfect means for Him to make His name admirable.  To Elevate His magnificence above the heavens.  To fill the earth with His Glory .

God. Our choicest. Our God.  Faithful and true.  Our household name.  Proven throughout the generations.  It’d be a shame if we asked for another option of the same.  “Give me God, the one that can respond on twitter and facebook. And blesses me on my ability to like and type amen”  or “Give me God, only the one that I have to spend money on, to entreat”  or something as absurd. 

God.  The one of the Holy Scriptures. That says “Come” Tenderly. Gently.  That says “Ask” even over the counter. His counter. Without a prescription. Zero complications. Simple instructions. That undiluted one.  That living and breathing one. That relentless and brave one.  Whose name is a household name.  Give me that God.