I’VE . BEEN. SWAMPED! :'(😴. I’M TIRED. BEAT DOESN’T EVEN BEGIN TO CAPTURE IT.  I’M JUST NOW GETTING HOME. (Checks time…  11.17pm 😩) I hate being out at night.  Ofcourse my mother and her sister don’t believe a syllable in this sentence.  Most times when I come home,  they’re on phone. Usually she’s on speaker. And mother will always announce in vernacular , “Oh! That’s actually him coming in.”
I’m always like,  “Do you guys ever talk about anyone else?” lol. It’s a small family really,  but hai!
Twice I’ve caught them talking about my love life.  😂. Oh these my women!

Aaaaanywaaays,  if we’re friends, then within this past month  or two,  I’ve given you one of the above answers to answer the question,  “How are you”. Because of the things of life.

If you’re in my low maintenance category of friends (bless your soul), I might have failed forgotten not ignored, forgotten to reply to your txt(s). Put that together with the fact that procrastination is out to have a family with me.  😩. Worry not though, I’ll get to it. 

Last week,  I’m talking with my boy Mukiri. And I’m feeding him the same lines,  because we’ve been planning to meet tangu May or June.  He says something in there that causes me to pause a bit and engage brains. 

It occurs to me that I’ve become a complainer.  Oh wait. Let’s say murmur.  It sounds like something a polished human will do. I mean it started out as a little truth and then it morphed into this thing. I mean, it’s true,  but still,  it’s murmuring . 

It also occurs to me that these are things I asked God for. Maybe not vocally, out loud, but I did.  And when they were new and shiny, I enjoyed them. Briefly,  and then began to desire more. Shinier. Brighter.


📷 Eunice Ricky

Look closely here…

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart. ” [Psalm 37:4 AMP]

If I were to write a version myself,  I’d add if. . . To make it an explicitly conditional clause.  It would read, 

IF you delight your self in the Lord,  THEN HE will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart.

That makes it automatic. 
Dearly beloved,  (hehe) you see things in your life that you didn’t even ask God for? Somebody say desire! Somebody else say secret petition! Especially if you are a believer… And you delight yourself in God.  You won’t do a thing unless HE approves of it.  You involve God even in decisions like what toppings you want on your pizza… Or what flavour you want on your Galitos chicken.  All the way to what colour scheme would make Him happy, for your wedding.  Of course He’s already spoken in accents clear and still concerning your partner for life. 

Are you serving in church? You enjoy thoroughly giving your time (and youth) to the BODY OF CHRIST? Or maybe not thoroughly enjoy.  Maybe you’d rather be sleeping on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but you don’t mind really, being in ministry,  serving brethren, and the Master wherever? Are you the type that thinks about how a new job will impact your service and ministry before signing your contract? Or are you the one that will not think twice about next week’s bus fare/fuel because God loves a cheerful giver,  and you’d rather cross that bridge (or walk that route) when you get there,  than fail to delight yourself in the Lord with your offerings? Or are you all those things? 

Then you fit the bill. As you delight yourself in this and so many other ways, in the Lord,  He’s automatically looking into your heart. Granting you your desires and secret petitions. 

I don’t know about you,  but it scares me a little. Ok,  A LOT! Because,  what are my Desires? James [1:14] tells of how men are swayed and tempted by the *desires of their hearts. 
(*evil,  but desires anyway)
Also, what are the secret petitions of my heart? Jeremiah [17:9] tells of how hopelessly wicked and dark the heart is.
And that this heart is what the Lord searches. Yikes! 🙆

So I ask myself,  is it possible to delight in the Lord and have a dark, deceitful heart,  with evil desires and warped secret petitions? Yes. I find later. 
Matthew [7:22] tells us of this team of brethren that really, delighted in the Lord. Casting out demons,  prophesying and performing miracles, YET the Lord says to them, 

Depart from me! You workers of iniquity. ”
Ouch is right!

He took one sweep at their hearts and found deceit among so much more,  despite the fact that all they did,  was delight themselves in the Lord. 

I cannot end up like this! Neither can you! 
My desires and secret petitions have to delight in the King as well! I must clarify my heart’s desires. So as HE grants them,  they’re not just in His will, they’re His perfect will for me. 

Challenge Accepted! 🙌