Run Right

​A week ago,  today. I’m speaking at a midweek, night service. Immediately after, around 9pm, I head on home.  I’m in the car with Naomi, a co-worker in the vineyard. “You’re bigger | Jekalyn Carr” is seeping through the speakers. We’re talking about Bitez.  😒. Do you know these things? Those things that kids eat in almost every church service.  It’s like in the  accepted sooth-pack for screaming toddlers everywhere.  Ingredients: corn, water, chemicals and air. Lots of air.  They resemble “WoW” rings. The multicoloured snacks from back in the day. 

You have no idea  what I’m talking about, do you? Next time you’re at your local duka,  ask for bitez. They’re for kids,  but I have enough adult friends that indulge. Weird humans. Hello Jojo! 🙋 but I digress. 

The car right ahead of me flashes on their hazard lights and swerves into the middle lane.  Before I can, there’s a matatu,  dropping passengers smack in the middle of the highway. So I slow down and hoot with everything I have . I’m waiting for the middle lane to clear and from  behind is the loudest screeching noise. He’s flashing lights at me and honking still.  I can tell,  the impact, from behind would be crazy, but in a heartbeat, he zooms right past my side,  maneuvering right between the speeding cars in the middle  lane and disappears into the lit night road. Just then,  the matatu ahead begins to move.

Ofcourse, I’m shaken.  We don’t talk about it.  I drop Naomi and go on home. The only  thing on my  mind, is “but by my Spirit, says God.” 


Have you heard someone talk to you about barking up the wrong wall? Climbing a ladder only to find it’s leaning against the wrong wall? Fighting a losing battle? Because you’re fighting the wrong party? I have. All week long infact,  that has been it for me.  Everything I seemed  read led me to these things.  

Then he said to me, “This is what the Lord says to Zerubbabel: It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. Zech 4:6 [NLT] 

It felt like an “Aha!” moment. Then seconds later , like a slap in the face.  Because God kept saying;

“Not by force; or, by an army, as the word bears,[Hebrew] ; you may think you shall need all army to defend you in carrying on building your life, which the ill-will of naysayers and your own mental limitations about you hinder, but I tell you there is no need of an army. [Matthew Poole] 

Nor by strength; courage and valour, all which make, arms considerable; no need of this neither. Too much work Mwashigadi,  you need to chill.  No really. You’ll pop a vein. These things don’t just come by strength. See my words also in 1Samuel 2:9 [NLT] “[I] will protect [my] faithful ones, but the wicked will disappear in darkness. No one will succeed by strength alone.”  Even you,  child. 

But by my Spirit; who garnished the heavens and can beautify the your life; who moved upon the darkness in the creation, and brought forth a beautiful and mighty structure; who put desires in you and goes ahead to satisfy them;my Spirit. Who can comfort and counsel,  when you’re at crossroads, and the advice of humans, will come close but hey! They’re also under instructions, just as you are! Only by my Spirit, who covers and protects you, in the day of danger. Your standby,  waiting only for you to hand over that baton, and never ask for it back. And on days that you’ve made right,  will rejoice over you,  with songs of gladness. Only by my Spirit. Who heals your broken places, anoints your  wounds, restores the joy of your salvation [ Psalm 51:12] and can do as much now, as well as forever. ” 

” How pitifully sad! “I thought. 

We spend all our energy chasing and running, and climbing, and diving, and all this time God has it for us? Our shortcut  prepared long before we arrived at the scene of life!? That  when  Christ died,  and ascended into heaven, and left with us a full time helper, He had our full hassle free life planned out.  But nooooo.  We must display our strength. We must climb to the top to prove something,only to find out we got to the top and the rooftop we were aiming at, is 10blocks away… If you’re lucky. For some of us,  the right rooftop is in a different city altogether.  

We sprint and get a headstart over our peers,  only to get to the finish line and there’s applause from everyone, but the Father! And what joy is that, really? Because we won the race that wasn’t assigned to us. 

📷 Patrick : Running

Sprint, beloved, by all means. Let your ambition be on fleek.  Get a headstart over your peers.  Climb to the top.  There’s nothing wrong with strength and force.  But there’s something higher than that.  God’s Holy Spirit. He’s the enabler. The engine that runs life. He’s the oil that gets you through. Greasing your elbows. Brightening your countenance. He is IT! Jesus thought so! Why shouldn’t I? .  He must have looked at what life he was leaving behind, having experienced it and figured,  “This is utterly impossible. Let me send a constant, dependable helper” 

Therefore Run this race right!  Fight well! Get Him. The Holy Spirit. Ask the Father. He most certainly will give [Luke 11:13]. Desire and yearn for Him. Because without Him, we’re making noise where it doesn’t matter. We’re applying strength and force to no avail. We’re getting ahead, yet lagging behind. Get Him! Because If you’re a marathoner, even ten one-hundred-metre wins,  are an insult to your being.