What Are You For

Happy July! 🙌


Mango Tree - Tabora Mjini

And a happy second half, 2017 to us! The King, is absolutely faithful.
The 1st half has been all sorts of stretching. So so many lessons learnt. I couldn’t possibly share all, Because, space, and time… Or I’d be writing forever.

Off the top of my head though here’s one,

You seek to find your purpose for a long time. To answer that question, What Are You For… You think that is the end goal. To find your purpose. One day you wake up, and before you retire to bed that same day, the Lord confirms it. You are excited. Filled with all sorts of joys. All levels of excitement. “I have arrived” you think to yourself. You do whatever dances you love. Then you retire to bed.

The very next morning, (atleast in my case) you wake up with this anxiety (not of God). You do not know how to go about your purpose. Not that it is an absolutely foreign thing. Infact , I have also realised that this thing purpose, what you were designed for, is in you. It isn’t fitted on as a garment later in life. You do not sit with it, as strangers on a first date trying to figure each other. Hardly. It is in you. Woven into every fibre of your being. Only, it is covered by heaps of fear, and moss that you gather while you stood still, trying to look in control… Or ‘with it’, as my teens would say.
Anyways, the anxiety, is similar to that of being asked to marry someone you have ignored all your life. 😂. Ok this is a stretch… But you get it. You start to ask yourself how to start. What to do with yourself. And this purpose that you have now found. Then you get this life-altering ‘ah ha!’ moment… Discovery of Purpose is Just The Beginning.

You must put in work. Extra work. More than ever before. There is a resistance that you must learn to tear through. It grows your muscle. You must learn to bulk up with the word of God. This really, is the manual to your purpose… Whatever it is. I know it sounds cliché… But from one 25y/o to the world… I KNOW IT.

One more thing.
If you are yet seeking God on what you were designed for, keep on. I came into it at 25. There is no cast-in-stone.ness for purpose. You cannot compare yourself to others. Focus on your own finish.
Like I said, purpose is innate. If you were born For it, you were born With it. It won’t be a foreign thing. Do not look into your friends’ lives for what your reason for being is.
Sit patiently before the King. Without noise. Let Him instruct. Not in two minute sessions. Or 1hr sessions. It is NOT about length… Rather, the state of the heart.

Ultimately your purpose MUST glorify God. Whatever it be.

It is no science. It is God’s own. Do not pursue it as if it is your assignment. You did not call yourself. You’re not working for yourself. Whoever you are. It is God’s own assignment.
Chin up! The Master is Available! 🙌